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If you enjoy sociable and non-competitive cycling in the local countryside, Merseyside CTC is the club for you.

Merseyside CTC is a local group of Cycling UK, the national cycling charity. You don't have to be a member of Cycling UK to try us out. Non-members should print out and complete a guest entry form and give it to the ride leader at the start of the ride. If you become a regular (more than three rides) you will be expected to join. Find out how to join

As a club, we are open to everyone with an interest in cycling. Cycling with Merseyside CTC offers an environmentally-friendly and enjoyable way of keeping fit, making friends and exploring some of the country lanes, villages, cafes and pubs in Merseyside and surrounding area.


Taking part in rides

Although the leader and the other riders will try to look after you when on the ride, you do need to be fairly self-sufficient and responsible for your own safety:

1. Make sure your bike is in good working order. Check the brakes work and make sure that you can use all the gears. Put some oil on the chain if it looks a bit dry or rusty. And check the tyres are pumped up fully.

2. Carry enough tools to allow you to mend a puncture. This means a puncture repair kit, a spare tube, a pump, tyre levers and a spanner if necessary to remove your wheel.

3. Bring enough cash for the refreshment stops or to pay for a taxi home in the event of a complete breakdown.

4. Bring lights if needed.

Cycling UK national office has produced a useful guide to cycling with a group (pdf) which includes some important safety advice.

What to wear

Wear whatever you like and feel comfortable in, though make sure it is appropriate to the weather.

Although many of our members wear specialised cycling clothing (lycra shorts, etc) quite a few don't, and you shouldn't feel you need to wear anything in particular to "fit in".

However cycle-specific or similar sports clothing is often the most comfortable and can add greatly to your cycling pleasure. Your ride leader and other members will be pleased to give advice.

The best approach is to dress in layers so you can adjust your clothing according to the changing weather and how warm you are feeling, and since this is Britain come prepared for rain.

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